Gorgeous Native American Art in Grade 2


I am thoroughly enjoying this integrated culture unit with the grade two homeroom! They have been studying culture and we have been supporting the unit by looking at culture from an art perspective. Our inquiry has focused on how symbols are used throughout many cultures in art and to communicate.

Because we have been studying symbols, native American art is filled with wonderful symbols the students have loved exploring. The students were challenged to create a story shield or teepee and use the symbols of the culture to create a story. They also had to choose an animal symbol that represented who they are and place these in the center of the shield or around the teepee.

I asked these stories to be ‘secret’ stories so that once we are finished, the students will have the opportunity to read the symbols and figure out the stories for themselves.

I have to say this has been a great unit and one I will look forward to exploring further next year. One thing I did notice which surprised me when we were threading the yarn through on the base of the teepees or around the shield is that these kids have no clue how to tie a knot! Velcro shoes is not a good thing I’ve decided.

Do you have this problem?




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