Abstract Art in Grade Three

Creating abstract art has been incredibly popular with all my grades this year. I gave my grade three students the opportunity to paint yet another abstract but this time using acrylic paints or watercolors. The result was stunning!

Painting with watercolors

I gave out the largest paper I have and after discussing various ways of creating an abstract, let the kids start on their drawings. Each student then chose to color in the sections with either watercolors, acrylic paint or a combination of both. Since they hadn’t used acrylics yet, you can imagine which was the popular choice! Once all the areas were painted, the final part to the project was to outline each section with black acrylic paint.

Watercolor pencils and acrylics

What do you think? Gorgeous huh?

I love this design!

This one is my son’s abstract–I LOVE it..of course 🙂

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