Hi! I’m so glad you’re here.

Over the years I’ve received many emails from teachers and parents asking me for the following:

  • What to do as a new teacher
  • How to incorporate art into their subject better because they don’t have an art program in their school and they are not art teachers
  • How to be the best substitute teacher
  • Ideas for projects, displays, art shows– you name it!
  • How to support and work with tough kids
  • How to handle difficult parents
  • How to deal with unsupportive Admin
  • Time management and productivity tips
  • Strategies to plan better
  • Advice to handle tricky co-workers
  • How to handle stress and implement better self-care strategies
  • How to get a teaching job overseas

If this sounds like you and you are wanting more support in your classroom, planning or even in other areas of your life you are in the right place. Join the private FB group, The Inspired Elementary Art Teacher and meet your happy tribe.

Here’s to a happier and INSPIRED you!

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