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Over the years I’ve received many emails from teachers and parents asking me for the following:

  • What to do as a new teacher
  • How to incorporate art into their subject better because they don’t have an art program in their school and they are not art teachers
  • How to be the best substitute teacher
  • Ideas for projects, displays, art shows– you name it!
  • How to support and work with tough kids
  • How to handle difficult parents
  • How to deal with unsupportive Admin
  • Time management and productivity tips
  • Strategies to plan better
  • Advice to handle tricky co-workers
  • How to handle stress and implement better self-care strategies
  • How to get a teaching job overseas

If this sounds like you and you are wanting more support in your classroom, planning or even in other areas of your life because the stresses of teaching are starting to take a toll on your health and wellness, please consider my coaching services. I recently left education to pursue coaching training in health & wellness because as a principal, I saw what the system was doing to my teachers and as I former art teacher, I FELT what the system was doing to me. You can read more about my journey here, but if you are at that point that you know you need some help, then coaching is a great way to get back to your happy, whole self again. Working with a coach is a powerful experience. The one-on-one nature of coaching allows for remarkable transformations often in short periods of time. As your creativity and wellness coach,  you will get guidance and support so that you can create a balanced work/life filled with creativity and joy. Below are my most popular coaching programs. Pick the one that works for YOU.


Here’s to a happier, healthier and CREATIVE you!








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you will recieve an email with a link to my calendar.


Get a full 60 minute creative brainstorm session with me, via Skype to get unstuck and move forward creatively towards that lesson, project, display or whatever is keeping you stuck.



1:1 Teacher Wellness Coaching With Me

If you want general wellness coaching to help you be a happier, healthier and more balanced teacher, click on the image below for more information.


Group Coaching (Most Popular!)

Join my group wellness program JUST FOR TEACHERS called THRIVE! If you’re craving for body, mind and soul support this year, and you want to connect with like-minded souls from all over the world, then this program is for you. Read all about it and join today.