FREE Sketchbook Covers!

Beginning of a school is craaaazy right? Get a headstart on your to-do list and cross sketchbook covers off the list with these five ready-made covers that all you have to do is print them and give them to your … Continue reading

Art and Science Make a Great Combination

I think it’s so important that we connect our art lessons with the core subjects happening in the classrooms. With a little creativity it’s amazing how we can create fabulous and engaging art lessons that help support the learning in … Continue reading

Chagall Inspired Dreaming in Grade Two

Back by popular demand, I decided to do the Chagall inspired dreaming project again with my second grade class this year. This time the kids did their drawings on 12×18 paper which meant more space!  To see the lesson outline … Continue reading

Cave Art Comes Alive!

 There are certain units in art class that take on a life of their own and just GROW!  My Cave art unit turned out even better than I had anticipated and grew into a Pre-K – Grade 5 theme due to the … Continue reading

Inspire Your Students From Day 1!

WOW!!!!! You have to share this video with your students early on in the school year. Infact, share it on day 1 if you haven’t started school yet. Inspire your students this year with examples of kids doing amazing art … Continue reading