About Alejandra


Hey! I’m Alejandra Chavez. I’m an art teacher and empowerment coach.

Founder of Mighty Girl Mighty Life, author of The Best Art Lessons For Kids, singer, green smoothie lover, white frangipani flower junkie, and on a mission to change the world.

I’ve been an international art teacher for last thirty years and I have taught all over the world in Bolivia, Turkey, Indonesia, Venezuela, Bahrain, China and Singapore.

Our lives have changed dramatically thanks to COVID. From the way we communicate, travel, and teach, we have had to adapt very quickly to a life that will never be the same again. We must keep moving forward.


I have a brand new subscription program, The Inspired Teacher Monthly designed just for elementary art teachers to give you the inspiration and support you need to help you thrive and be successful in the classroom no matter what teaching set up you have. Registration will open up in June. Stay tuned.

16 thoughts on “About Alejandra

  1. Ale,

    I would love for you to start a personal blog. I am not that interested in elementary art, but I do find your work impressive and the students’ work amazing. Why not do a “Marita in Manama” blog.

  2. I love your blog! For 2 big reasons: 1) I am mother of 2 and really love doing projects with them (latest was candle dipping). And 2) I am hoping to become an elementary school teacher and am inspired by your ideas.

    Are you in Bahrain now?

    • I’m glad you like my blog. It’s always nice to receive encouraging words. Yes I currently live in Bahrain and I am having a great time teaching art to little kids. If you want to be ana rt teacher then go do it! Nothing is stopping you. Good luck.

  3. Hi Ms. Ale!! My name is Alejandro Valenzuela and I´am a student of second year of basic pedagogy at the Catholic University of Maule in Chile. I write you for give thank for the dedication and the help that you give us to our vocational development, for doing to our teaching technique improve in the time. I have to said you I really like the post “Color Mixing in Grade one” because gives us guidelines to do a funny class of art, with the little fish drawn with primary colors. That because for me the students who learns this basics thing, then they can learn more difficult thing in the future.

  4. Ale!

    I need inspiration…specifically…I am teaching a HEROES unit to 4th graders…not wanting to pin it down to muscled men with capes…but want to have an cool art component…any ideas? Wish YOU WERE HERE!!!! janna

    • Hi Janna! Try focusing your lessons on real life heroes, heroes in society, heroes at home (family) and then have kids choose a hero and draw a portrait of them. Make sure they leave space for a border and turn the border to look like a postage stamp! Turn your hero into someone worthy of a postage stamp and honor them this way! Do a Google image search for postage stamps to see what the border looks like and to show your students. I hope this helps!! 🙂

  5. Hola Ale,
    Estoy encantada con este sitio. Esta genial!!
    A pesar de que se ha anunciado un recorte al presupuesto de la educacion aqui en el estado de Texas, he sido muy afortunada de recibir la noticia de que me han escogido para dar clases de Arte en 3 escualas primarias (de bajos recursos). Voy a estar transportandome de un lado al otro.
    Te escribo porque me gustaria ver los videos que tienes en el margen de tu portal pero no consigo hacerlo. Tiene algun procedimiento especial?
    Gracias…Maestras como tu que estan dispuestas a compartir las buenas ideas es lo mejor que le puede pasar a la educacion de Arte en las escuelas elemetales!!

  6. Ms. Chavez,

    I would very much like to include you and content from your Blog in a post I am working on for ArtEdOnline.com. My name is Diane C. Gregory, Ph.D. I teach Art Education at Texas Woman’s University.

    I am working on a rather detailed post on the best art blogs for teachers. I would very much like to include your blog, some of the images on your blog, statements you have made about yourself, links to some of my favorite parts of your site and your blog roll.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



  7. Hi Ms. Ale,

    Are you still in Bahrain? I’m looking for contact info… I’m interested in registering my little artists for your classes.


  8. Hi this is Cooper remember me? I think you were the best art teacher ever. I miss Bahrain some but Sebey more. My mom says hi! Cooper

  9. Hola Ale! Te conoci en Balikpapan, no se si me recuerdas mi nombre es Rebeca soy colombiana. Me encanta tu blog, llegue aqui buscando proyectos de arte ya que doy clases para ninos aqui en Saudi Arabia, un gran saludo, me encanta tu trabajo

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