We love Eric Carle in Grade 1!

Eric Carle is such a hit with kids and I never get tired of the beautiful paper collage art that is produced by my students year after year.

For a detailed lesson plan on how to do collage paper you can visit this post here but for now, take a look at these lovely collages my students made.






This was actually part two of an Eric Carle inspired unit because part one was creating a collage on the iPad which was the first time I ever did this lesson this way. With so many wonderful apps available to students I couldn’t help but try Pic Collage (find it in the app store)  and we all fell in love with it!

The students made Carle inspired collage paper the good old fashion way by painting and adding texture, etc but the great thing we did next was that we took photos of all the paper we made collectively and saved these to the cameral roll. Now we had digital paper galore that we can now use FOREVER even after it has been cut up and glued for the ‘real’ collages you saw above.


Pic Collage is easy to use and the students loved it! Cutting with their finger was fun and the collages turned out stunning! We have made these into classroom books and with copies for the library.






What do you think of these? I highly recommend having the students do both methods so they can decide for themselves which they like more but also, as we get more techy, it’s important to give students the opportunity to do things old school way.

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