A love letter for art teachers…

Summer is here and before you all head off to the beaches, hiking trails, travel destinations or your own backyard to spend time with family and friends, I want you to read this letter I wrote for you (and all art teachers everywhere).

As a teacher, Admin and creativity/wellness coach, I know that appreciation goes a long way yet teachers rarely hear the magical two word of a simple THANK YOU from parents, Admin, fellow co-workers and even students.

I know what you do. I know what you go through. I know how you feel. I also know that you don’t do all that you do to get recognised or awarded. You do it because you love teaching art and your students and this is what keeps you going.

Thank you lovely art teacher for all that you have done and will do next school year. You are amazing!

Please share this love note, pin it, Instagram it or whatever you use for social media because you just never know who might really be needing to read this today.

PS: Need a self-care reset? Join the challenge that’s starts tomorrow. It’s FREE and awesome! Join HERE.



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