Recycled Cardboard Robots in Grade Two

I thought I would share these gorgeous robots my grade twos created using recycled cardboard and junky stuff they collected from home. I saw this idea on one of the many fabulous art blogs I check out but I can’t remember … Continue reading

Cardboard Collages in Kinder


End of year means you have a lot of excess cardboard lying around  so what better way to use it then by doing a lesson on collage!

I cut up a bunch of cardboard into different sizes and put them in trays for kids to choose freely. Each child was given a larger cardboard where their creations would be glued.

They ‘planned’ their ideas and placed pieces all around and ‘layered’ other pieces. They don’t need to make a picture but to just to have fun arranging the cardboard pieces to make an ‘abstract’ work of art. Of course some ended up making a picture which was Ok too.

The kids really enjoyed this and were ready to glue each piece. This was tricky because they had to move the pieces around , glue and remember where everything went. This was a great opportunity for them to be patient, and to really think about what they were doing.

Finally when everything was glued and dry they painted they work. Make sure the students paint two layers and are careful to paint around the pieces. Some experimented with splattering paint and the effect was great.

Didn’t these come out beautiful?

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Wooden Scrap Art in Grade One

I found a box full of different sized wooden pieces and let my grade ones go wild! They all picked out between 10-20 pieces and played around with their composition and planning.

They painted a piece of cardboard in either white or black to serve as the background for their shape collage and the students painted all of their wooden pieces  with a solid color. When these were dry, they added designs and details with oil pastels– 2-3 colors per shape.

Finally they glued their pieces. Some kept to the original idea they had when the pieces were not painted and others went with a whole different look and feel.

I loved the plain collage and the colored one. As a variation they could be painted in warm or cool colors, complimentary colors, etc. Lovely don’t you think?