Wooden Scrap Art in Grade One

I found a box full of different sized wooden pieces and let my grade ones go wild! They all picked out between 10-20 pieces and played around with their composition and planning.

They painted a piece of cardboard in either white or black to serve as the background for their shape collage and the students painted all of their wooden pieces  with a solid color. When these were dry, they added designs and details with oil pastels– 2-3 colors per shape.

Finally they glued their pieces. Some kept to the original idea they had when the pieces were not painted and others went with a whole different look and feel.

I loved the plain collage and the colored one. As a variation they could be painted in warm or cool colors, complimentary colors, etc. Lovely don’t you think?

9 thoughts on “Wooden Scrap Art in Grade One

    • Actually these wooden scraps were order by accident by someone in the school. No one claimed them so I happily became the owner of this ‘treasure’! I am sure art stores like Michaels might carry them and check with any art supply store like Blicks. Let me know if you find any, if not I will hunt the box down to give you exact information.

  1. These are lovely! The bright colors, designs, and patterns remind me of Elizabeth Murray. Such a great project. I’m officially on the hunt for a box of wood scraps for next year. Thanks for sharing this great project!

  2. Oh, these are so wonderful! I wish I had some wood scraps now to quickly get this project in with my kiddos. That will have to be one that I do for next school year.
    You have some fantastic lesson – thanks for sharing!
    I just started my own elementary art projects blog, please stop by and check it out, I’m kinda excited about it… 🙂

    • Thank you! Sure you can link to my projects and put in a nice word about my blog too!! 🙂 I checked your site and you have wonderful projects too!

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