Inspire Your Students From Day 1!


WOW!!!!! You have to share this video with your students early on in the school year. In fact, share it on day 1 if you haven’t started school yet. Inspire your students this year with examples of kids doing amazing art all over the globe and set the tone for this new school year. You’re here to uncover passion, ignite a spark and to show infinite possibilities!

Kareem, the boy in the video, has been painting since he was 6 and to listen to him talk about his art is impressive. Not only is artwork gorgeous but he FEELS and KNOWS he is great and will be as famous as his idols. Mindset is everything and if you can instill confidence in your students from the beginning of day 1, then consider yourself the coolest teacher ever.

INSPIRE, INSPIRE, INSPIRE is the name of the game this year. Set an intention to do everything in your power to expose your students to a variety of artwork, styles, mediums, techniques, and artists (young and old, dead and alive) from all corners of the world because this is how you ignite a fire in the belly. This is how passion, ideas, innovation, problem-solving and inspiration become the norm in your classroom.

This is how you discover hidden talents.

This is how you nurture curiosity and inquiry.

This is how you bring out confidence.

And above all, this is how you INSPIRE a love for art in each and every one of your students.

If you just stick to the usual lessons, you miss out on so much opportunity to not only have fun exploring and learning alongside your students, but you also miss the opportunity to grow as a teacher, mentor, and artist.

Be bold, try new things this year, and HAVE FUN.

Are you in?


Reflection Questions:

  • How will you inspire your students this year?
  • How will you inspire yourself?
  • How will you do things differently?
  • How will your class look to inspire?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to join the conversation over on the Art lessons For Kids Facebook page.







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