Try This To Boost Creativity!


Want to get your students more inspired and tapped into their creativity?

As an educator, Mindset & Creativity coach AND huge advocate for more mindfulness, wellbeing, and headspace for students and teachers in schools, this is the best thing I’ve done for my students (and teachers) by far and so simple too.

This is a creativity labyrinth for students to ‘walk’ to get inspired. I have it right outside the art room and plan to make several around the school and even on the playground. Alone time and me-time is essential for creativity and should be nurtured and allowed.

This labyrinth is really a walking meditation so the students can quiet their mind and it really works! This one is made with masking tape and perfect to hold three students at a time. Research different labyrinth models in Google and pick one that right for you. Remember, it has to big enough to walk.

Students have even started to decorate along the tape with words such as ‘be calm’, ‘walk quietly’, ‘get inspired’.. so cute that they are taking ownership of their labyrinth!

❥ Inspire your students daily to access their creativity in meaningful ways. Allow quiet time, thinking time, reconnecting time and some headspace for inspiration to come.

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Here’s to your teaching success. May you THRIVE every day.

Alejandra xx
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