Mini Me’s in Grade 2!

I love big projects. Collaborative projects. Mural Projects. FUN projects.

The Mini Me project has been one of my favorites so far and it took on a life of it’s own as all inquiry projects do.

The students drew their self-portraits on a circle and outlined them with sharpie pens. Each class had to make tints and shades of a primary or secondary color. They used a recording sheet for each new tint and shades hey made and had to paint their Mini-Me self-portrait with the new colors.

I also challenged the students to NOT repeat colors and just keep mixing new shades and tints.

The final step was to re-outline their self-portrait and cut it out.

Even though this was done with grade 2, this is one of those awesome lessons that an be done with any grade level and you can adapt and tweak it however you like.

I don’t know about you, but does’t this look stunning?



Want more lesson plan and projects your students can do from home, from a cart or in your classroom?

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