Teacher Wellness: Supporting Your Mind

What is teacher wellness exactly?
General wellness is looking after yourself and balancing your career and family life and anything else that’s important to you. Teacher Wellness is taking that concept, and strengthening it for all the ups and downs, of the education system.The good news? 
This is the PERFECT time to implement Teacher Wellness strategies.Over the next few days, I’m going to share three strategies for stress free living and teaching:
a healthy mind,    (available below!)
a nourished body
and a connected spirit.


How we address our mind, its health, and the constant thoughts is critically important in our Teacher Wellness. We can start cultivating a healthy mind by taking time each day to breathe, let our mind grow quiet (even if our surroundings are not), and reflect thoughtfully on what’s important to us.

Here’s an encouragement to begin tapping into yourself. You can do this lots of ways. Set a reminder on your phone to check in. Get up 5 minutes early to spend in silence. Go for a walk on the weekends. The more you can start to turn to yourself, and your mind, the more you strengthen your wellness.

To help you accomplish this, I’ve created a beautiful screen saver for your phone. Download and install it now for more mindful days. (When you click the image it opens into a separate window for you to save to your phone.)


Additionally, when you begin meditating, walking in nature or simply taking a few minutes a day to focus on your breathing to empty your minds of worry and being present in the moment, you will begin to feel much calmer and notice that you are able to handle stressful situations easier.

Here’s a Tip: Start meditating! Schedule a time today to tune into YOU. Even 5 minutes a day will make a huge difference in your life and will affect so many areas of your life in a positive way. Scientific research has found that meditation has many benefits including a decrease in hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and addictive behaviors.

You should also know that in my new program, ReBalance, I’ll provide guided meditation opportunities all year long. The program opens on August 18, so be sure to jump in with this amazing community and have your best year yet!



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