Scratch Art Fun in Grade 1

Ny'a's Horse

Ny'a's Horse

Scratch art is one of those lesson kids of all ages LOVE to do and although it’s very easy for us teachers to buy the ready made scratch art paper, I much prefer my students to learn from ‘scratch’ how to make make their own.

I gave out 9×12 white paper and crayons and told the kids they had to fill the whole paper with different colors and designs. I reminded them that for their paper to be ‘magic’ they needed to color in heavily and the only color they couldn’t use was BLACK! It’s amazing what happens when you use the word ‘magic‘. The kids get excited with anticipation and are just transported to their own creative space.


The finished designs were gorgeous and if I had been doing a lesson on lines and design this would have been just great.  Next I gave out black crayons and told the the kids to cover their entire paper with black by coloring very heavily and trying to make sure no colors could be seen. They couldn’t believe they were covering up their designs!  (Note: I used black india paint with a previous class and it was very hard for them to scratch out a picture so I think a black crayon works better and the effect is stunning.)

Next, I gave out scratching tools like some wooden stylus’ and explained that this tool would help them draw and color anything on their paper while they were ‘scratching’  out their design.  I even made them blow on the tip of the tool for special effect.

The ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ are immediate as soon as they start to ‘draw’ and the vibrant colors start to appear magically before their eyes –this is priceless!

This lesson can be adapted to any age level so give it a go and forget about buying the ready made paper. This is more exciting and creative by far. Try to display them against a sunny window because the colors look shiny and they look gorgeous too!

Sebey's Scarab Beetle

Sebey's Scarab Beetle

Yasmin's Butterfly

Yasmin's Butterfly

Anisa's Penguin

Anisa's Penguin

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7 thoughts on “Scratch Art Fun in Grade 1

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  2. Hi,

    I love everything about art and will soon be doing a lesson on colours with my 5-6 year olds next week. I’m excited to try out your scratch art activity. Cannt wait to experience the excitement!

    Thanks for the tips.

  3. My brother and sister used to do this MANY years ago! I just bought some crayons and coloring books to slip back into my childhood and was just thinking about how we as children used to do this! It’s great to see that young children are still doing this.
    I am 66 years young!!

  4. Hello,

    I just found out about your blog a few hours ago when I was looking for art lesson ideas and I can’t stop reading everything. They’re very inspiring and beautiful!
    Thank you so much for blogging your art lessons. I can’t wait to try them!


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