Teacher Wellness: Nourishing Your Body

When we think about Teacher Wellness & Our Body it’s common to think about dieting.

Let me assure you, this is NOT my bag. I want you to feel healthy, and appreciate all the ways you nourish your body. This includes healthy food, healthy rest, and healthy attention. I want you to have enough energy and strength to do things for yourself, your family, and teach all day long.

Today I want to talk about the food we ingest. Feeding our bodies with the right nutrients can happen when we tune into what actually serves us. And with a little planning you’ll be able to ditch the fast food and empty calories with healthy food that will make your skin, eyes and hair feel wonderful all year round. Combine this with exercise or some type of movement that works for you and your lifestyle and your body will be thanking you over and over with abundant energy and radiance.

Try This: Start Your Day with a Big Green Smoothie

Try my no fail smoothie recipe. I adore this because it’s so easy and is one of the best ways to get your greens. My son loves it and my teachers swore by this when we did our group smoothie cleanses. Give it a try and let me know what you think. (Make sure to notice how it made you feel.)

Alejandra’s Green Smoothie

2 cups of spinach

3 cups of water or nut milk of your choice

2 cut up frozen bananas

1-2 cups of frozen strawberries or blueberries

Little splash of vanilla (optional)

In a blender:

Blend the spinach with the liquid first

Add remaining ingredients

Enjoy slowly while you savor the flavors. Don’t forget to *chew* your smoothie because digestion begins in the mouth.


Like walking? Take your smoothie to go and get out in nature and love your body!

Do you have a favorite green smoothie I should be trying out? Leave a comment and let us know!

Bottoms up!



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