Fun With Self-Portraits 1

Want some fun ideas for your portraits or self-portrait lessons? I have put together FIVE fabulous art projects in a  25-28 page PDF booklet, that will inspire you and your students in fun and creative ways with inexpensive items found in your classroom or around the home.

This bundle includes tutorial, tips and step-by-step photos to make your planning a breeze. Don’t forget to check out the other e-Books in this awesome BUNDLE here.

** Note: Since this is a digital product and not a hardcover book, make sure you read the information below before purchasing because there is no refund available. Thanks for saving some trees 🙂


Take a peek inside:


Look at the fun lessons you will be teaching!

Step-by-step lessons to make teaching a breeze! Lesson: Modigliani Inspired Self-Portraits


Don’t these look great? Lesson: I am Special 

Want it? Get the BUNDLE NOW!

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