Day 5 Self-Care Challenge: Date with YOU!


Hey gorgeous- you did it!

Welcome to DAY FIVE of the Art Lessons for Kids 5 day #SelfCareChallenge!

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Today’s final challenge involves a date with the most important person: YOU. This might feel strange at first but incredible things and unexpected magic happens when you do this. I challenge you to continue this practice and go on a date with yourself once a week.


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How did it feel to spend intentional and planned time with just you? What did you do? Where did you go? Do you think you could do this on a weekly basis? How do you see this exercise helping you in other areas of your life? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Closing thoughts…

Self-care is not a luxury- it’s your right. When you take good care of your needs and yourself, you are a much happier and balanced person.

If you enjoyed this challenge, stay tuned for some other self-care challenges coming up very soon. Drop me an email at if you have any suggestions for other types of self-care challenges, courses and workshops you think I could be doing to help this community be healthier and happier. Have a great start to 2016 and remember you should be at the top of your priority list because you are worth it!

Alejandra xx

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2 thoughts on “Day 5 Self-Care Challenge: Date with YOU!

  1. I went on an artist date tonight to see an artist talk at The Columbus College of Art and Design. I am good about going out on my own, but it is a cold rainy night and I wanted to stay home. I am glad I went. The arist was very inspiring. This might be his last show because his is battling cancer. He mentioned to us that he is living a good life and that we should too. I could tell that he is passionate about art and sharing his passion with others.

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