Day 1 Self-Care Challenge: Finding Beauty in the Ordinary


Hi! I’m so glad you’re here!

Today is officially DAY ONE of the first 5 day #SelfCareChallenge for 2016! Over fifty people have joined and have said YES to making their self-care a priority this year. So proud of you!

If you signed up, check your inbox for today’s activity, daily truth card, green smoothie recipe and buddha bowl idea and remember to leave your comment below to be eligible to win an awesome prize.

Today’s challenge involves taking a picture (or more!)  so go ahead and leave yours on our Facebook page and share what you have seen today. We can’t wait to see it.


If you didn’t get a chance to sign up and want to be part of the next self-care challenge, sign up here to get on the list.




What did you see today that went from ordinary to extraordinary? Would you have normally taken the time to notice this before? Tell us about it in the comments.

Catch you tomorrow xx


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7 thoughts on “Day 1 Self-Care Challenge: Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

  1. Since I live in Hong Kong I seem to be half a day ahead but not worries. I’m using my walk home from school as my break and gift to myself. I tend to do this anyway because it’s when I feel naturally more open to my surroundings. I used this time during this challenge to simply remind myself to take 5 and appreciate this amazing city I live in and which brings me so much joy! I love to see the diversity of people and the different ways they get things done. My photo is of a sidewalk business that is only seen in the cooler months. The owners are roasting sweet potatoes. I suppose the beauty is in the smell as you walk by and in the whole apparatus that brings so many people joy.

    • Hi Michael- Take you time with the challenge- I’ll try and send them to you on your time zone if I can figure it out. I was recently living in Qingdao for 2 1/2 years so I know exactly what you are talking about. Walking is the best gift you can give yourself and will come in handy on Day 4 of the challenge. So glad you are here and I can almost smell the sweet potatoes- simple yet so beautiful.

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