Art, the Universal tool of love

I like to volunteer for a local charity called Gotita Roja Bolivia that supports children with cancer. Today I went to teach a class of kids ranging from 3-15 so they could prepare a picture all about Christmas as part of a contest for the cover of the charity’s Christmas cards they want to sell.

With very limited resources we got straight into action after having a lively discussion about the meaning of Christmas.

My WOW moment was to watch these brave little souls draw Santa’s, Christmas trees, presents, families and feel so happy that for a short time they were actually normal kids and completely forgot about their cancer.

This is the power of art my lovely friends. I truly believe it can heal, create movements, make you smile, think and feel. It is a universal tool of love.

Each and every one of these courageous kids today was a winner to me!

If you would like to support this charity with a donation, visit the Gotita Roja Bolivia Facebook page and get involved.

How do use art and your lessons to help and empower your students to feel better?

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