Artist Inspired Aprons in Grade 8

My son recently had to do a presentation in his art class. He had to pick an artist and prepare a presentation as part of his assessment.

When he came to me asking for some ideas and to brainstorm you can imagine my happiness and excitement because I’m the brainstorming queen!!

He is totally my son because he picked Vincent Van Gogh, who you all know I LOVE. We spent a lovely afternoon thinking of different and creative ways to present that was not the typical PowerPoint which I totally avoid just because this is the perfect opportunity and class to expect CREATIVITY.

The winning idea was to paint one of Van Gogh’s famous and recognizable paintings on an apron and wear it for the presentation,  while being dressed up as the artist – ear wrapped up and all! My son would present as if he was Van Gogh himself. Brilliant don’t you think??

He chose Starry Night ❤️


Here you can see the process from start to end. I helped out whenever my son needed it but more importantly we discussed the life of Van Gogh, his work, his craziness or should I say brilliance (!) and it was a priceless moment and opportunity to spend mama/son time and reminisce about the times when I was his art teacher many many years ago.

 Go ahead and challenge your students to think outside the box when they need to do a presentation. Set the bar HIGH and push for creativity and innovation. The possibilities for this lesson are endless and I can guarantee the presentations will be much more exciting and different.

Gorgeous don’t you think?

I would love to hear for you now. Do you allow your students to present in their own way? What is the most creative presentation one of your students has given?

Happy teaching and inspiring 💕

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