Cool Projects For Kids eBook

I am so proud of my 9 year old son!

After 6 months of on and off writing, editing, taking photos, and a few moments of frustration, my son has finished his first eBook with fun and easy projects for boy and girls if they dare!

As you know, I write and sell eBooks myself with my best lesson plans for you to use in your classroom or home. I like to consult with my son regularly about the lessons I choose and if he was involved in one of them, I like to hear his opinion.

Since my eBooks are written for adults who teach kids, my son told me one day I should write eBooks specifically for kids. I told him this was a great idea and asked him if he wanted to do this himself with mama mentoring and helping him. This would be his chance to show some entrepreneurial skills. He got very excited so I set out some conditions he had to think about before accepting the challenge and starting this project:

– He had to come up with projects and lessons that were easy, used inexpensive items around the home and were fun

– He had to write the intro, steps, and edit his work himself. We would do the final check together and I was available for any questions

– He had to help with the look and feel of his book as well as learn how to use Pages. (we ended up using my layout as a template and changed some things around- why reinvent the wheel?)

– He had to start his own blog with lots of free content to start building up a following of other like minded kids and write once a week about a variety of topics

– 10% of whatever he makes from his eBook(s) will always go to a charity

– 60% of whatever he makes goes towards his future education

– 20% he can spend on whatever he likes

My job would be to:

– Guide him to find his writing voice

– Teach him how to use Pages for the look of his book and final layout

– Teach him to start a blog

Nag him to work on his book and FOLLOW THROUGH with his idea and project

 Was this a deal? Absolutely!

Apart from being so proud of his own achievement and that he is now an ‘author’, this has been a fabulous project for him learning and using his skills in a real world setting. I just hope other parents and teachers get inspired to do the same. My son has learned so much from this experience and so have I. We sometimes underestimate our kids, but after today, not anymore!

Well done my precious little boy! I am so proud of you.

Looking for some fun projects your kids can do at home that range from cooking to making something? Why not get a copy of Cool Projects For Kids? It’s actually pretty cool if I can say so myself especially for only 5$! Click here for more information and to purchase.

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Cover page

Take a peek Inside…

** Recipe contains DAIRY

Table of Contents

sample page from origami frog lesson

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Buy Now

Visit my son’s blog at Easy Projects for Boys.

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