The Best Art Lessons For Kids eBook


Are you looking for STEP-BY-STEP unique lesson plans that will engage your students and reduce your planning time?

If you enjoy the lessons I post here on Art Lessons for Kids then you are in for a treat! Below you will find a collection of my most popular art lessons that you can download right now in my book, The Best Art Lessons For Kids. Your students will love doing these art lessons and projects, not to mention the parents and teachers when they see the finished artwork displayed around the school!

This digital book is a collection of 28 fun art lessons with step by step instructions and plenty of photos so you won’t have to plan a thing! Collect your materials and you are set to go.

These lessons can be adapted to any age level in the elementary grades and your students will LOVE them. Use these ideas anytime for your home if you home-school, after school program, art camp or for your classroom. This book is a digital  PDF eBook so you can read it on your computer, iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, Kindle or any other e-reading device that supports PDF files.

** Note: This is a digital product and not a hardcover book. Let’s help save some trees don’t you think? 🙂

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13 thoughts on “The Best Art Lessons For Kids eBook

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing your TALENT and expertise! I have taught for 20 years (1st, 2nd, Reading Specialist), but this has been my first year to take on the job as our new “Fine Arts” director. I also have been the GT teacher, so I’ve had a few chances to explore the world of art and music with some of my students. Even in the regular ed classroom, I have always found ways to work in as much as I could! I am enjoying seeing the wonderful things that you’ve done with elementary students. I am having a blast doing what I’m doing… but definitely “learning more and more as I go”!

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  7. where do you get the art lessons ???? im new at this and dont know where it is please help!!!!help on the comment button to say where to get the lessons at!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

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