Art Supplies

After the Christmas holidays, I will need to start working on ordering items to re-stock my art room again. Teaching overseas, I need to plan these things in advance to make sure everything arrives on time for the following school year. Although it is quite a tedious job, it’s also lots of fun. There are so many products out there and it’s very easy to want to  just  buy it all! I avoid all the ‘ready made’ packs and even limit my paint choices to the primary and secondary colors. How can we help nurture future artists if we give them everything almost pre-made because it saves us time and effort?

A question I get asked often is what kind of art materials do I use in the classroom with my students. I have created this page where you will find a list with the essential art supplies you will need to run a super art program! This list isn’t limited to a classroom only. Use it for an after school camp, home-school group, etc. Simply adjust the quantities to your needs and budget.  If you are looking to order online, I  have found these companies to be the most reliable suppliers and have great quality products. Note: I decided to become an affiliate to Dick Blick because they have always come through for me in all of my orders  in all the international school I have worked in.

If you know of any other great suppliers, we would love to hear from you so we can share the knowledge. 🙂

Blick Art Materials


Nasco Arts and Crafts

School Specialty (Saxs)

Lakeshore Art Materials

Happy ordering!

Ms Ale

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