Art Lessons E-Book!

Well I finally got around to it! After receiving several requests for down-loadable lesson plans I have actually sat down and done something about it. It’s hard when you juggle motherhood and a career but since I am on holiday now and my son is vacationing with his dad I have no excuse.  So here it is folks– FUN ART PROJECTS FOR ANYTIME is an 18 page collection of six fun art activities that your kids or students can do easily and require inexpensive materials that I’m sure you have around your house or classroom. There are plenty of photos and step by step instruction. This is my first PDF e-book!! I feel so proud I actually did it. The best news is that it’s only 5 dollars to buy!

If you would like to purchase a copy, click on the image or title of the e-book.  You can also go to my Lessons Download page to see what’s new. Of course I will continue to fill this blog with lots of free lessons as usual.

Art Lessons For Anytime

Art Lessons for Anytime

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