Wellness Coaching With Alejandra

The teaching profession is tough and can be incredibly stressful. Teachers have so much responsibility in the form of prepping, planning, teaching while differentiating, creating curriculum, attending meetings, running afters school programs, duties and the list goes on! Teachers are in serious need of wellness and a support system that is there when the stress is too much.

I’ve been an elementary art teacher for 15 years and a lower school principal for almost three years so I know exactly what you go through and what you feel at various times of the year. I left teaching to pursue my coaching training in wellness because I felt that was how I could serve teachers and show them how to be happier, healthier and more balanced with just a few mindful tweaks. Stress affects your teaching and working abilities. Unhappy teachers who are stressed eventually get sick and it’s a downward spiral from there. On the flip side- happy, healthy and supported teachers are the ones that thrive. Their classrooms thrive, their students thrive and a school thrives. This is where I come in with wellness and creativity coaching.

You see, you don’t have to do it all alone. With all my years of teaching and admin experience working all over the world, I can help you because I have been in your shoes and know what you go through. Let’s hop on a 1-on-1 Skype call where I will give you my best ideas, recommendations, and ADVICE for you to put an action plan in to play asap and be able to move on with your teaching and be your happy self again. Here’s what you get:

1) 50-minute PERSONAL Skype call with me offering you ideas based on your situation you will tell me about in the short survey you will fill out on the link found in your confirmation email.

2) Clarity from an old timer with trillions of years of experience who just happens to be BRILLIANT at generating ideas, brainstorming and helping teachers get of stuck, stressed out and unhappy mode and into a happy, healthy and balanced mode. I want you to be incredibly successful, happy, and doing what you do best-teach with minimal stress!


** Once you have made the payment I will send you to my private calendar to book your session.

If you want a full 50 minute brainstorm session to plan a theme, a lesson, an art show or anything that has you stuck in the classroom, click on the image below for more information.


Sign up for Be Bold For Yourself, a free 7 day program that goes beyond teaching and focuses on your happiness, your dreams and creating the life that you want so that you are more energized at work and home. You’ll also receive my @SuperSoulDaily messages from my Instagram profile to keep you on track.

A happy whole YOU is a happy whole Teacher with a thriving classroom.


 Click HERE  or the image above to join for FREE.

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