Treating Our Kids Like the Artists They Are!

Recently I wrote a post titled Self-Portraits on a Box in Grade 3. I always wonder after sharing my lessons and ideas here on Art lessons For Kids if anyone actually uses them, how did the lesson  turn out, did the students like it, any interesting twists on the lessons, etc.. One thing is to read the post but does anyone actually do the lesson?

My wondering ended last week when I received an email from one of my lovely readers called Enji with photos of the finished projects she did with her two kids Molly and Ethan. You cannot imagine my happiness because out of all the wonderful people who take their time to read my posts, I was actually connecting with one of them beyond the typical comment at the end of a post!!!

I constantly remind my parents to appreciate their children’s art work, show it off and frame it, just like they would any other important artist they admire. My son’s art work greets everyone that comes to our home along the walls leading to the living room. To me, he is as important as Van Gogh or Picasso. Our kids are artists in their own right and if we don’t nurture this from the beginning, they wither away like a flower with no water. I wonder how much talent goes un-noticed at home and even in the classrooms?

I wrote Enji asking if it was ok to publish the finished art work here on the blog and conduct a mini interview with these wonderful two little artists! Ethan, aged 4 and Molly, 9  gave the thumbs up  are are so excited to share their art work here with you today.

Ethan’s self-portrait, 4 years old

Molly, aged 9

Here is what they had to say…

1. What did you like most about this project?

Molly liked to do this project because it was new to her.

Ethan said he liked it because it was fun.

2. Were any parts challenging?

Molly said it was hard to draw hair and the background.

Ethan: Not challenging at all for him.

3. Why do you like art?

Molly said drawing is very entertaining.

Ethan said that he likes drawing because he can make his parents happy.

Thank you Molly and Ethan for trying out the self-portraits on a box project and for sharing what you did here with so many readers from all over the world. You are amazing artists and keep exploring and enjoying yourselves. You also have a really cool mom who loves to do art with you! Thank you Enji 🙂

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Oil and Chalk Pastel Art in Grade Four

Check out these gorgeous Van Gogh inspired sunflower pots grade four drew recently. After looking at Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings, the kids were eager to create their own. I encouraged my students to add different flowers to their pots in addition to sunflowers and to color in their art work with cool and warm colors since this is what we were talking about in the first place. The flowers, part of the pot and the table were colored in with oil pastels and the rest with chalk. My kiddos are huge fans of Vincent and I am a huge fan of their art work! 🙂

Cool colored flowers with oil pastels

The pot and the table is next

Blending chalk pastels for the background

I absolutely LOVE the result! What do you think?


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