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Is This How You Feel Right Now?

teacher beginning of the year

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Why is it that every year without fail at exactly this time of the year, teachers all over the world look and feel like our owl friend on the right?

When I saw this picture, I first laughed especially when my own son said, ‘Oh yeah mama, you definitely look like that owl, but then I realized that this is WRONG and teachers shouldn’t have to end each school year utterly exhausted, drained and looking so worn out!

Since I am now a certified wellness coach, over the coming weeks and emails I’ll help you with some self-care tips and strategies to get your new school year off to a great start and sustain the goodness throughout the rest of the year.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer holidays and really take time to unwind, sleep in, read that NON EDUCATIONAL book you’ve been dying to read, go to the movies, see friends, get back to nature, cook, laugh and take long walks.

Self-care, especially now is important because it’s time to restore balance. Your life was busy crazy up until the last day of school and so it’s really important to slow down and let your body regroup again.

It’s YOU time now so enjoy. You absolutely deserve it and it’s also part of being a Happy Whole Teacher!

I’d really love to hear from you on this one.

What are your thoughts about teacher burn out at the end of the year? What was or continues to be your major struggle when June comes around?

My hope is that with your help and this amazing community, we can share some of our experiences, struggles and insights with each other.

Share as much details as possible and remember that you could be potentially helping another teacher with similar struggles. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for being part of this awesome community.

Be safe,



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