What’s in the Suitcase?

The power of art my lovelies. Look at this amazing piece of sculpture by the artist Frances Bruno Catalano, which symbolizes the vacuum created by being forced to leave your land, your life, your people…Very fitting, powerful and so sad. What do you think?

I highly suggest you show this to your students ( doesn’t matter the age!) and start a conversation and discussion about what is happening in the world at this moment- make an art to world connection. Have your students try and guess what’s in the suitcase and what you could possibly fit there that represents all your possessions and life you are leaving behind. How does this man feel? Where is going? What would you put in your suitcase?

More importantly, show how art can be so powerful and a way to express our feelings, emotions, pain, suffering, create change, and make a statement.

Oh the beautiful power of art ❤️

How can you use art to shed light on world events, inspire compassion and action? Please leave your comments below and share this post.


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