I’ve Been Nominated: 2012 Fascination Award!

Hi everyone! How is the end of year craziness going for you? Between all the cleaning, doing inventory, saying good byes and packing up your art room, don’t forget to stop and look back at all the amazing projects and inspiring lessons you taught this past school year. Give yourself a huge pat on the shoulder for all those wonderful art displays, art shows, and artistic flavor you gave to make your school a wonderful place. You are awesome –do you know that?

I wil do a little bit of celebrating myself for two reasons:

1. I have accepted a job to be an elementary principal in a gorgeous school in China! Totally unexpected but I strongly believe things happen for a reason and we attract  everything into our lives. There is a reason I should be doing this now so I embrace it completely. Am I nervous? Absolutely! Excited? Of course!

2. My second reason to celebrate is that my little ‘ol blog here has been nominated for a Fascination Award. More specifically, the nomination comes thanks to the post I wrote : ‘Paper Mache Greek Vases in grade Seven‘ which apparently has created a lot of discussion, comments and views. I am so a excited and honored because even though that was a long project to do, it has to be one of my favorite lessons because it was a collaboration with the social studies teacher and helped my students connect art with another subject.

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Thanks for your support and for the 1000+ lovely readers who subscribe to this blog so they don’t miss a post and thank you to all the thousands of wonderful readers from all over the world who visit Art Lessons For Kids every day- you are all AMAZING!

Have a great summer everyone, and take time to re-energize and take care of YOU for a change.


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Become whole again and change your life.  Let me show you how.

Become whole again and change your life. Let me show you how.