Clay Fun in Grade Five!

Aah the joys of working with clay! It’s that time of the year where we all explore clay and create amazing pieces of art. Rolling, pinching, scoring, making slabs =fun, fun, FUN!

Take a sneek peek at what is happening in grade three and five right now…

Chinese wall pockets in grade three.

These are turning out gorgeous. This has been a real learning experience for the kids and they are doing such a great job. These are almost finished and need the details on the pockets.

Bird houses/luminaries in grade five

This has been a huge and rewarding challenge for us all. My students are doing such a wonderful job and each house is looking so different and unique to each child. I can’t wait to show you how these look when they are finished!

Slab making after using the throw method

Scoring with the ‘buddy’ sticks

As soon as these projects are finished I’ll post the final pieces–I can’t wait!!


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Oil and Chalk Pastels in Grade Two

I absolutely love art lessons that involve chalk and oil pastels.  The kids enjoy the vibrant colors of oil pastels and the magic that occurs when you blend several chalk pastels together!

Grade two’s went on a hunt for flowers so that they could draw them as big as possible inspired by Georgia O’Keefe. We are now huge fans of this wonderful famous American artist. My students related very quickly to her artwork and fell in love with the giant flowers.

After saying ‘abra-cadabra’ and turning all of my students into tiny people, we all imagined being in a garden surrounded by GIANT flowers. Each child had a real flower to draw and they drew these on 12×18 black construction paper. They outlined their finished drawings with white crayon and decided whether to color in their flowers with warm or cool colors.

Using chalk pastels

Using oil pastels

One group colored in with chalk pastels and used their ‘magic fingers’ to blend the colors and the other group colored in with oil pastels. The backgrounds were the opposite of their flowers. make sure to use good quality pastels. I use these Sargent brand for chalk and these for oil pastels.

How gorgeous are these? I am sure Georgia would have loved them as much as I do!

Oil Pastel

Oil Pastel

chalk pastel with oil background

Chalk pastel

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Clay Fun in Elementary

I was finally able to teach some fun clay lessons with all my students.  There was a whole lot of pinching, rolling, punching, and coiling as each grade level explored and made gorgeous creations out of clay.  I found an … Continue reading