Chagall Inspired Dreaming in Grade Two

Back by popular demand, I decided to do the Chagall inspired dreaming project again with my second grade class this year. This time the kids did their drawings on 12×18 paper which meant more space!  To see the lesson outline … Continue reading

Chagall Inspired Dreaming in Grade 2


Omar's Dream

Omar’s Dream

I saw this idea on the art cart blog  and thought I would try it with my grade 2 kiddos. We started the lesson with a lively discussion about dreams and everyone had something interesting to share. Kids certainly love to talk about their dreams!

Next we looked at a few Chagall dream paintings that you can easily find on google images and we talked about the clues they could see that made the painting look like a dream, etc. A great word to introduce at this point  is surrealism.

I gave out large white paper and the students drew buildings and trees on the bottom of their paper and themselves flying horizontally on the top section. They could either fly with someone or a favorite toy which they needed to hold. The sun or moon could also have a face. They colored in with oil pastels and painted the background with watered down paint. They also added salt to their wet paint to give their background a nice effect.

I loved how these pictures turned out and the students were very pleased too. See how beautiful they are?

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Become whole again and change your life. Let me show you how.