The Wealthy Teacher



It’s no secret that the teaching profession is sadly one of the lowest paying ones out there despite the enormous responsibility educators have and to add insult to injury, it’s a profession that demands incredible long hours during the week and weekends, high accountability, poor benefits, huge responsibilities and in many cases, a lack of support from supervisors and administrators. Sound familiar?

I was in the education system for 18+ years as a teacher and a Principal so I saw both ends of the system and know exactly what teachers and Admin go through on a daily basis. As much as I love the students, the pressure, lack of gratitude, long hours, dealing with crazy parents and some mean and mediocre teachers- I decided once and for all to stop teaching and take control of my life, finances, wellness and happiness.

This journey began in 2010 while living in Bahrain. I started this blog, mainly as a place to archive all my lessons and fast forward to 2015, it has a monthly following of 20,000+ readers, a Facebook page with over 5000 followers and 6 e-Books that sell all over the world and provide a nice passive income for me.

Could you do this? ABSOLUTELY!

I think teachers make the best entrepreneur’s but you need to start now and you need someone to show you the ropes.

If you are feeling tired, unhappy with your career or workplace, worried about your financial security, unsure about what your future or retirement looks like, sacrificing precious weekend time that you could spend with your family, loved one, or doing something you absolutely love- I WANT TO HELP YOU and inspire you to seriously consider starting your own online business.

Its’ doable and if I could do it, so can YOU. You don’t need to quit your job…just yet but you can start now and slowly build your business up until you feel comfortable to say goodbye to the 9-5 grind and hello to financial freedom and the life you are really meant to live.

If you want to become a ‘Teacherpreneuer’– then sign up HERE for The Happy Whole Teacher and don’t forget to choose ‘THE WEALTHY TEACHER’ category so I know  you specifically want to know about this. Of course wealth is just one part of the happy whole teacher so I encourage you to sign up for the everything and get the balance.

Over the summer I will be developing a course designed just for teachers showing you everything you need to start your online business and support you through the process. Take your passion, hobby, and unique qualities that make you- YOU and turn this into a thriving online business and life you will love. I will let you know through The Happy Whole Teacher newsletter when this rolls out.

Ready to make a change?

Be the change lovely teacher- I know it’s in you!



PS: Join me over at the Art Lessons for Kids Facebook page and join the conversation. We are waiting for you 🙂

Sign up for Be Bold For Yourself, a free 7 day program that goes beyond teaching and focuses on your happiness, your dreams and creating the life that you want so that you are more energized at work and home. You’ll also receive my @SuperSoulDaily messages from my Instagram profile to keep you on track.

A happy whole YOU is a happy whole Teacher with a thriving classroom. Click below to join.



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