The Healthy Teacher


If you feel stressed, overwhelmed, tired, have horrible sleeping patterns, are grumpy, moody, eating on the run, gaining weight and feel completely overworked and under appreciated- you are not alone!

The teaching profession has got to be one of the most intense, gruelling and tough on your body kind of profession out there. Add insult to injury- pay isn’t that great, benefits are inconsistent and accountability is so high and so unrealistic sometimes causing teachers and Admin to be amongst the highest stressed people around.

Of course teaching is not all gloom and has so many other rewards. You are shaping your nation’s future leaders, inspiring new thought leaders, helping kids learn about values, empathy, compassion, and preparing kids to being productive citizens  of our society.

I am nothing against the teaching profession. Hey I’ve been there too as a teacher and a Principal so I know the ins and outs of education. My issue is what this stress is doing to the teachers and the lack of wellness.

Teachers desperately need a wellness program built into the system and established right from the beginning of the school year as part of the in-service days. Teachers need support and need to get healthy again.

This is the reason and got my health and wellness training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I saw and felt first hand what stress in the educational system does to you body, mind and spirit.

I also know when schools provide wellness support for their teachers, the whole school climate and culture shifts. Teachers who are supported, who are given the tools to deal with stress, who are heard and who’s feelings are validated THRIVE. A thriving teacher has a thriving classroom. A thriving teacher, with a thriving classroom has thriving students with a healthy role model. A thriving teacher is a HAPPY WHOLE TEACHER.

Join me and be part of the happy whole teacher revolution. Sign up for my newsletter by clicking on the link below where you will get a weekly dose of self-care tips for your body, mind and soul. You are going to get so loved up so you thrive, be happy, be healthy, be prepared and be heard. Nice change huh?


Become whole again and change your life.  Let me show you how.

Become whole again and change your life. Let me show you how.


Join the Happy Whole Teacher revolution on Facebook and find other like-minded teachers ready to be happy, healthy and thriving just like you. Your tribe is waiting for you.



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