How do You Hide an Animal in Art Class?

How do you hide an animal in a grade 2 class? With camouflage of course and a little help from tracing paper!

Grade 2 students were doing a UOI on adaptation which I thought connects perfectly to art because there are so many ways you can integrate and support the classroom learning.

After reviewing what they already knew from their UOI discussions, the students went ahead and created their own environment for their animal using lines, shape, pattern, and color. This is a great opportunity to review and incorporate these elements of art.

The students colored their backgrounds with 1-3 colors and then proceeded to draw their chosen animal onto drawing paper first and then tracing it on tracing paper.

The animal was cut out from the tracing paper and then placed over their background to match the colors. This is HOW you hide, blend, and camouflage an animal in art class!

Once colored, the students glued their animal to the original drawing paper and with a little bit of bending and gluing, their camouflaged animal and background was complete.

These were a HIT! The students loved making these and wanted to make more animals. If you have time definitely let them and they can also add other details and elements to hide and blend.

Aren’t these gorgeous?

Alternatively, the students can also find patterns on the Internet and use these as their background. Check out these.


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