Wellness Series: The way of the sloth for teachers

I love sloths and was very lucky to have spotted this spunky little guy who even took the time to wave and pose for me! This is what my lovely friend taught me the day we crossed paths and he wanted you to know as well:

1. It’s ok to take it easy

2. Slow is fast

3. When you rush you miss out on the details and WOW moments

4. There’s always time to wave hello

5. A smile and a happy face opens up doors- big time!

6. It’s good for your mind and body to just ‘hang around’…

7. You are an amazing teacher, the work you do is so appreciated (even if it doesn’t feel this way at times and your school is so lucky to have YOU 💕

7. You should consider a trip to Bolivia one day. It’s an amazing country oozing with beauty and diversity, great food and people.

8. We should do a better job of protecting our wildlife before it’s too late.

And finally…

9. You should really sign up for my newsletter if you love these soulful reminders and want to be a happier, whole teacher (ok, this one’s from me but I knew he was thinking it! 😉)

Don’t you just love sloths? Look at his cute face!

Have you ever had special encounters with animals that have taught you something? I would love to hear your stories. Leave a comment below or better yet, share with the world on our Facebook page.

Stay happy and whole xx


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