Halloween: Pumpkin Carving and Decorating in Grade Four

Halloween is finally here! Tonight is the big celebration at my son’s school and I wanted to share with you some cool pumpkin carving and decorating that went on in grade four this week.

Pumpkins here in Bolivia are not soft and easy to cut and carve as they are in the US and Canada. You need muscle and lots of patience. Forget any complicated designs unless you have lots of time. Thank goodness for those handy pumpkin carving kits that come with those child friendly mini saws!

One parent donated a pumpkin for each child and each student had to come to school with their design on a paper ready to get going when we all got together.

Some kids- like my own child, preferred to do the traditional carving and other kids brought in wigs, google, eyes, scary teeth and all sorts of decorating items to make their pumpkins look simply amazing.

Aren’t these so cute and adorable? Remember….accessorize people!

Love the pink wig–I want one!

How cute is this witch?

Love the teeth!

My son’s pumpkin: a cat…sooooo cute!

This clown is pretty creative!

Hands up who wants these pink sunglasses?

For tonight-the whole school celebrates the traditional and famous Halloween Carnival. Each class has it’s own booth completely decorated by the parents with a fun game for all the kids to enjoy. We haven’t celebrated Halloween like this in such a long time so I was very excited and jumped at the chance to be in charge of the theme and look of our stand. We all decided to go for the Smurfs theme and our booth was transformed into Gargamel’s cave complete with smurfs dressed up in Halloween clothing, mushrooms, and all the scary stuff that goes along with Halloween.

After three hours of sweating in the heat (it’s almost summer time over here), my two lovely assistant mothers and one dad managed to finish our booth!

What do you think?

There is always a beginning… cheers to my assistants! xx

Ta da!! We even used the pumpkins- yeah!

Happy Halloween everyone! Check out these other Halloween lessons you can try out next year.

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