Delicious Color Wheel Pizzas in Grade Two

Happy New Year everyone!

Try this fun lesson with your kids to help them learn about primary and secondary colors. By making this yummy color wheel pizza, they will learn color theory in a flash.

Cut out some circle shapes from cardboard for your students and have these ready on the day of your lesson. While you are at it, gather a whole bunch of different colored paper, yarn, craft sticks, etc.. and put them in a tray for each table. These will become the pizza ‘toppings’.

Talk about primary colors and how a color wheel is important.  Explain to your students that they will be creating a very delicious color wheel pizza divided into primary and secondary slices with yummy colorful toppings. Give each child their own ‘pizza’ circle  and help them divide it into six  parts or slices.  I didn’t use a ruler for this and instead had my kids go free hand.

Next, have them choose one slice to color in with one primary color, then leave a space, another primary color and so on. We used crayons. When all three primary colors are finished, have your students fill in the secondary colors–this is assuming you have already practiced mixing colors in previous lessons.

Once all the colors are filled, it’s time for the delicious toppings! Remind the kids that the toppings have to match the slice color. Give out some scrap paper for them to draw other toppings such as mushrooms, pepperoni and color them according to their slice color. The sky is the limit!

Finally, give out glitter and watch them go wild as they sprinkle ‘cheese’ as the finishing touch.

Very delicious don’t you agree?


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Become whole again and change your life. Let me show you how.

9 thoughts on “Delicious Color Wheel Pizzas in Grade Two

  1. I absolutely love this idea! I bet the kids thought it was great too. I will make sure to post pics on my blog and link the lesson back to you. I can’t wait to try it!

  2. I did a similar lesson with PreK. I love how you took the idea beyond sorting and students made a “pizza with toppings.” How fun! It didn’t occur to me to actually have the students color the sections themselves. This would work great with my “older”(K/1st) elementary students! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thank You!! I just started working in a preschool classroom where we are to teach using creative curriculum. We teach totally through the creative process, absolutely no worksheets or coloring sheets of any kind. I had talked to my co-teacher about teaching basic colors to my lower functioning students while introducing the concept of primary and secondary colors to my higher functioning students. This creative idea will give me the tool to complete a lesson plan for all my kids.

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