Name Art in Grade Five


Here is a great lesson you should try with your students and it’s a project that can be done with any grade level. Your students will be creating a square radial design! Decide on the size of the paper you want and divide this paper into a triangle. Basically, just cut the paper in half diagonally. I like big projects so we used big paper.

Give each student a triangle piece and explain that their challenge is to write their name using any type of lettering (bubble, cursive, etc) and they have to use the whole space horizontally and their letters must touch the top and bottom of the triangle (this is to create sections for coloring in).

The next step is pretty much up to you and your kids but you basically color in each letter and the sections between the letters all different colors.  We decided to add a pattern in one of the letters before coloring each section to see what would happen to the final design.

Once the triangle is colored you have the option of color copying the original 7 more times or have your kids trace the the original 7 times and then hand coloring each one. Remember that each triangle has to be colored in the same as the original. We chose to hand copy and color each section and yes, my students were a little tired by the end but when we put everything together, it was like magic! They were so happy and pleased and all agreed the hard work was so very worth it.

Using a window to copy

Something to remember whether you color copy or hand copy: 4 copies have to be the right side up and you need 4 copies that are backwards. My students flipped the original over and copied this using a window to have their backwards image.

When all 8 triangles are done, match a normal side with a backwards side and they should match up nicely. Do this with the rest of the triangles and put it all together and you have a gorgeous name art masterpiece!

Matching and gluing the normal and backward design

Aren’t these so gorgeous?





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One thought on “Name Art in Grade Five

  1. What Would be the “Big Idea” and the “Essential Questions”? Would it be the importance to understand that all of our names are unique and beautiful as seen visually through these drawings, or…?

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