Portraits and Self-Portraits

The Mini Me’s are all finished and soon will be displayed as one big Rainbow Mini Me Mural. I have to say that this has been a great lesson for my students because it challenged them at different levels: 1. Observe themselves and draw an accurate representation of who they see in a mirror, 2. Draw their self-portrait on a 5×5 piece of paper and 3. Color themselves with one color and create different shades of that color. What a great and fun way to make kids think out of the box and think like artists!

I was so impressed by everyone’s efforts especially the younger ones who felt so proud whenever they made a new shade. Sure the kids were all ‘limited’ by one color, after all they were doing their  part in the school wide mural, but were they really being limited?  I saw many many ‘colors’  being made as they each explored how to create shades. These type of art lessons are so important especially since we are living  in a world where kids don’t have to think too hard because everything is ready made and given to them so easily. Look around your art room for a minute. Tempera paint in every color, crayons, markers and pastels in every color and so on.  I am sure I could find a pack of blue pencils , for example that come in all the different  shades of blue! Isn’t it so much nicer to make your own and discover this is possible?

Anyway, the mini Me’s were a great attention grabber and excellent  introduction  into the wonderful world of portraits and self-portraits.  Now every grade will practice and develop their self-portrait skills with mirrors and will each have a final project to complete.  As we finish these up,  I will post them all here so you can see the amazing art work. Check out these self-portrait lesson ideas you can download here.

Challenge your students to think like artists!


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