Art Show

A couple of weeks ago our school celebrated student led conferences. It was also the perfect time to host the school wide art show. I used the cafetorium which is a combination of cafeteria and auditorium. It was a big place with plenty of room to put all the children’s art work. This was also the designated area for all the specialist teachers to be  so we could meet parents and students before or after their conferences.

As I put up all the work I was amazed at all the wonderful art projects we have completed this year. The kids were very excited to see their work displayed and to show off their artistic talents to their parents. I normally have a mid year art show and end of year one but this year was hectic with our school closing down due to H1N1 scare. I kept all the art work and had plenty of art for this was one and only MEGA show for the year. I am so proud of my kiddos and their gorgeous art work! Here is a sneak peek…

Grade One Dioramas

Grade Three Animals

Grade Five Giant Burger Collages

A proud Ms. Ale!

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3 thoughts on “Art Show

  1. These are some great projects! I like the burger collages, too. I imagine they were a hit with the children. I like the box people, too. Actually, I like them all!

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