Matisse Inspired Collages in Grade Three

Matisse is one of my favorite artists because I love the simplicity of his collages and kids can relate so much to his art in any grade level. We went online to find information about Henri Matisse and his artwork. The kids immediately fell in love with the vibrant colors in his collages and wanted to get to a pair of scisssors as fast as they could.

I set out colored paper around the classroom, glue bottles and scissors and let the kids go for it. I reminded them for this project they could either create panels for their backgrounds and fill them with organic shapes or simply do a collage filled with organic shapes. No pencils were allowed and they had to freely cut away. They also needed to plan their shapes and arrange them before glueing anything down.

They had such a great time and the result was colorful and beautiful. What do you think?


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3 thoughts on “Matisse Inspired Collages in Grade Three

  1. i am planning to do this lesson as a demo for a job interview–can you tell me how long realistically this lesson takes? many thanks!!

  2. Your Matisse art with kids is wonderful!! I do something similar which I will explain briefly: staple 5 or 6 squares of colored paper together at one corner. Each square should be a different color. Cut a shape from all the squares at once. Now you have 5 or 6 identical shapes! And the scraps are identical too! now glue your shapes (and scraps if you like) on black or blue or other colored paper. Ahhh, Matisse!!

    You can see more ideas like this at my website, from the books I have written, like 1/Discovering Great Artists and 2/Great American Artists for Kids.

    I hope you will visit soon! I absolutely love your blog!!

    MaryAnn Kohl
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