Sold my FIRST E-Book!!

What an amazing surprise today when I opened my email to find a notification that I have sold my first e-book!  Thank you Leota and I hope you have a ton of fun with the projects. Since you are my first customer, I will send you my next e-book as a thank you gift!

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays as much as I am. Anyone starting to think about school yet? 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Sold my FIRST E-Book!!

  1. Hi there! I have a few e-books I have been writing but I’m not tech savy enough to figure out how I can post them on my blog for sale. I would love to know how you set up your PDF to make it available via pay pal. Did you use a site to do it or are you a super savy computer girl? Sorry for all of the questions I’m just hoping to get some answers on how to do this. I love your blog by the way…as a former elementary art teacher, now stay at home artsy mama it’s right up my alley! : ) Thanks so much. Fondly, MaryLea (aka Pink and Green Mama)

  2. Congrats to you published author!
    Putting together an e-book was supposed to be one of my summer projects, however there is still fall. I must echo the curiosity of Pink and Green mama though in wondering how you set it all up.

  3. Congrats to you on the book. We homeschool, and we start officially on the 24th of August…but I’ve been thinking all summer. It’s a break of sorts for the kids, although we read and do some math every day. For me…summer has been one giant planning session. Having everything ready (including a stock of art supplies) makes the whole year run smoother.

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