Symmetrical Vases in Grade One

Frederik's Symmetrical Vase

I saw this idea on Oodles of Art and thought it would be a lovely lesson to use with my grade one class since they were learning about symmetry in math class. I know this because my son Sebey is in Grade one!

We talked about symmetry and discussed the things that we knew were symmetrical and they were quite suprised to find out that their faces and their bodies were symmetrical too! I demonstrated this by calling up different students and pretending to cut them in half and folding them!

Next we talked about flowers in vases and where you put them to show them off and we all agreed they should be placed on a table with a nice tablecloth! I gave out a large black paper and kids drew their large tables and colored the tablecloths with oil pastels.

The symmetrical vases were made by folding a colored piece of construction paper in half and drawing half a design of a vase starting at the fold. They were cut out and then the students put paint blobs on one side of their vase and the middle section. They closed it , moved the paint around inside and opened it up to discover symmetrical designs on their vases–they LOVED this part!  Once dried, the vase was glued somewhere on their tablecloth, the flowers were made with tissue paper and the stems were drawn with oil pastels.

Pretty don’t you think?

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