Torn Paper Lines

Here is a neat idea you can do the next time you need to teach LINES. Get your students to ‘feel‘ the lines by tearing out all sorts of lines using only their fingers and imagination!
For this lesson, I like to give out 2 colored papers either to individual students or to pairs. In today’s lesson I gave out white and black paper because the contrast is quite dramatic but you can use any color combination such as a warm and cool color, complimentary colors, different shades, etc. Tell your students one color is for tearing lines out and the other is for glueing the lines on.
My grade three class worked in pairs. We discussed and reviewed the different kinds of lines and how to tear paper and give it the shape we want. Teach your students to gently make little tears and to use their thumb as a guide and ‘ruler‘. The students got into pairs and talked about which lines they wanted to tear. They placed the torn lines on the paper and decided on a nice composition.  Here your students can place lines symmetrically or make a picture depending on the grade level. We went for a symmetrical composition because they were learning about this in math.

tearing lines

tearing lines

playing around with the lines for composition

playing around with the lines for composition



Once the teams were happy with their lines the next step was to glue them down on the paper. They then were given the same colored paper and had to make the same or another design using the opposite color. If the students started with tearing white paper on black then they would do tearing black lines on white paper.
This lesson can be adapted to many grade levels and the result is quite lovely.



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2 thoughts on “Torn Paper Lines

  1. I did the torn paper lines with my 2nd graders. They worked so well together, had a great time, and the results were interesting and great. If you have any other great ideas for second graders, let me know! thanks for your nice ideas!

    • You’re welcome! Keep checking back here to my blog for more ideas. I try to add my lessons as I do them! I like your work you do with your students. I will try them also!

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