Wonderful Colors

Great example of mixing colors by making a blot

Great example of mixing colors by making a blot

At the beginning of each school year I like to teach a big unit on color. This is essential so the kids learn a bit about color theory, mixing their own colors, and exploring how they can use color in their art work. I am always amazed how kids now a days have little clue about where colors come from, how they are made and how they have the ability to make any color they want by mixing the primary colors.

At my new school I have had to start from the beginning with all my grade levels to give them a good base. I’m ok with this and it’s my chance to really lay a good foundation. Typically the sequence of lessons begin with primary colors,  secondary colors, color wheels, warm and cool colors, making tints and shades and complementary colors. If I have time then I end my making colors the way they used to make them before you could walk into an art store and by ready made paint. I’ll post my lessons and place them into the grade level categories so it’s easier to read and find.

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