The Inspired Teacher Monthly

The Inspired Teacher Monthly is a membership subscription platform that offers fresh, new, inspirational content mixed with some of my greatest lessons, tips, and curated art lessons from around the web I use and adapt for my lessons! Each month I share exclusive content including everything I’m exploring in real time in the classroom and more. You’ll get weekly encouragement from me plus a monthly, members-only topic focused recording to make it easy and fun to stay consistent with your artsy fartsy teaching practice and feel motivated and inspired!

As part of The Inspired Teacher Monthly membership, you receive:

  • One monthly email with the theme of the month and 4-6 curated art lesson ideas that can be easily adapted for any age group you teach, plus teaching tips, and any other goodies that will help elevate your teaching and keep you super inspired and creative.
  • One monthly recorded audio or video around the topic of the month packed with ideas and inspiration you can use in the classroom.
  • Weekly check-in email with an inspirational quote or message to keep you tuned in, tapped and turned on to your creative essence.
  • Access to my private Pinterest board with the best of the best lessons I will use in my class!
  • Chance to participate in a monthly draw for a 50 min. one on one session with me via Skype to help you with anything that is keeping you from being at your best.


Bonus #1: My incredibly popular six (6) eBook bundle with best and most loved lessons, yours for FREE! ($36 value!)

Bonus #2: One (1) thirty minute BRAINSTORM POWER SESSION with me to help you plan a lesson, project, art show, or anything you need for your teaching success.

Cancel anytime guarantee.

Just respond to any of my emails to cancel your subscription any month and you won’t be billed again. However, a cancelation does not refund previous or current months charges because we delivered for you! Sounds fair, right?

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