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In the meantime, check out this very special wellness program I offer teachers all over the world. I know you’re going to love it and will help you this year to be at the top of your A game.

Check this out…


THRIVE! is here and it’s amazing!

If you’re ready to have an amazing year in 2018-2019, I have created a unique wellness program for teachers called THRIVE! You can join in from anywhere in the world and best of all it’s FREE because it’s my pilot ‘beta’ program. As of August 2019- this will be a paid membership program so get in free for this year only.

I am looking for teachers who want to feel good, take care of themselves better, and want to teach on fire! I want teachers who KNOW that their wellness is important for themselves, their students and their whole life.

For this 2018-2019 school year only, you have the opportunity to join my THRIVE! For Teachers wellness program absolutely FREE! All I ask is that you give me your feedback/testimonial at the end of each month, enjoy the monthly THRIVE experiences and help me build the best online wellness program for teachers all over the world. Total win-win in my book, don’t you think? Want in?


As a wonderful and cherished Art Lessons For Kids blog follower, I really want you to sign-up and join THRIVE! because you’re part of my tribe and I created THRIVE with you in mind. I will do everything I can to support you over the next ten school month so you can THRIVE in all areas of your school life and personal life too.

This is how THRIVE! works…

Each month has a theme and focus as well as a THRIVE experience ranging from GREEN Smoothie detoxes to kicking the sugar blues. You get an email one week before each THRIVE begins with all the juicy details of the month’s focus and THRIVE experience. You also get quick check-ins from me to keep you supported, and inspired throughtout the whole monthly THRIVE experience.

I will also host LIVE Q&A talks in our own private THRIVE! Facebook group to make sure you are on your path towards crazy awesome success plus throw in some surprise goodies. This program is holistic and entirely about your happiness and well-being, body, mind and soul. You tend to these FIRST and everything else that is school related (teaching, assessing, classroom management, dealing with parents and admin, etc.) will fall into place. Here’s is my simple formula for a teacher to THRIVE:

A happy and thriving teacher = a happy, thriving classroom = a happy, thriving school

Since mindset and inspiration are my passion, then you’re in good hands!

** Expect to feel incredibly happy, inspired, calm and able to deal with any and most situations- THRIVE style!

** Expect huge shifts not only at school but in all areas of your life.

This is how we roll and this is what THRIVE! will do for you- if you allow it and if you are open to it. It takes two to tango but ultimately, it takes ONE to make the change and transformation to happen from the inside out. You can guess who that ONE is right?

If this sounds exactly what you want, join right NOW or join us at any time in the year- your choice, your wellbeing- YOUR LIFE.



Big Love,

Alejandra xx

PS: Please forward this FREE offer to any other teacher friends you know who will love and benefit from THRIVE! The more the merrier and you also help me with my mission of HAPPY THRIVING TEACHERS ALL OVER THE WORLD.



A happy, thriving YOU = a happy, thriving LIFE = a happy, thriving classroom = a happy, thriving school