Self-Care Reset Challenge

  5 Day Self-Care Reset Challenge- JOIN US! 

I’m on a mission to inspire and motivate a revolution of happy whole teachers with thriving classrooms, and balanced work/home lives.

Now is the perfect time to dedicate five glorious days to your self-care so that you get energised, buzzing with excitement, overflowing with ideas and feeling at your best.

This self-care challenge is all about YOU. Not your classroom, lesson plans, meetings, display boards, observations or even your schedule. It’s definitely not about your kids, dog, partner, home, garden or in-laws and you don’t even need to be a teacher to do it! Nope, this challenge is all about your own self-care and taking about five to ten minutes each day to give yourself much needed and wanted self-care TLC.

Five days, five simple activities, and five opportunities for you to listen to yourself, rebalance and explore the creative and wondrous person that you are. Sounds delicious doesn’t it?

If this wasn’t enough, you will even have the chance to win an amazing prize just for participating and completing each day’s activity and posting about it. Win-win in my books don’t you think?


  • A daily recipe for one of my super world famous GREEN smoothies (my coaching clients love these!)
  • Daily Buddha bowl idea so your body starts feeling even better from the inside and you start glowing on the outside. I call it the happy GREEN glow.
  • Daily truth card to inspire you and remind you that you are number ONE around here
  • Facebook accountability group


THREE lucky winners will win:



One fifty minute Skype session just you and me! We can talk about your wellness goals, anything that’s keeping you stuck at work or in your life, brainstorm an idea you have at school- whatever is going to help you be healthier, happier and way more balanced! (valued at $96)






Sign up and get all the details by clicking on the image. The challenge starts on Monday, June 6th.

With love and gratitude,

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Alejandra xx