Well hello!

Thank you for taking the time to sign up for The Happy Whole Teacher. I bet you’re wondering what this is all about right?

My guess is that the reason you signed up today is because you are in search of something beyond teaching and that you don’t get it from your peers, Admin or even close friends and relatives.

You’re not after teaching tips. You’re not after play dough recipes. You’re not even after freebie lesson plans.

You want to feel good. Teach better. Be at your best when you are totally stressed out. Feel supported. Listened too. Inspired. Feel happy, healthy and whole. You want appreciation and most of all, want to feel LOVED and BALANCED.

I hear you, I see you and know you because I was where you are at right now. The only difference now is that starting today, you will get support, guidance and loving words you crave deep down and a reminder of who you truly are. We can get so busy and caught up in our things that we just forget. Not any more. I’ll make sure of that.

The reason behind these messages is that I want you to be part of something bigger and be part of the change we all want to see in education. I never had anything like this when I was a teacher and boy did I want it, need it and crave it. When I became a principal I promised myself to be the principal I never had and be the change. This was much harder than I thought but I did make a start with my beautiful first group of teachers.

This experience made me realise that happy whole teachers thrive. Their classrooms thrive. The school thrives. Students thrive.

I want YOU to thrive too. This is my mission but in order for this to work, I need your help. Let me know what your biggest frustrations in the classroom are, with your peers, your health, what stresses you out and what are some of the biggest problems and challenges you see happening in education these days.

Writing this down, is part of your healing process and you will begin to feel better. I felt very lonely many times and didn’t want to share my feelings with other co workers because you’re not meant to complain in a school system right? Well now I am giving you permission to VENT and let it all out. By sharing your thoughts, feelings and frustrations I can help you so let it all out and email me back ASAP!

Thank you for letting me be part of your journey and for joining the HWT Revolution- it’s going to be awesome!

Ready to be a happy, whole teacher again?

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PS: As a THANK YOU for signing up, I am giving you one of my most popular e-Books absolutely FREE. Enjoy and let me know how the lessons go!


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